Schools that have already experienced the Blooming Sexualities workshops :

École Renard - 16 Rue du Renard, 75004 Paris, France
june 2022

Lab School, 46 Rue de Montreuil, 75011 Paris, France
june 2022

What is the workshop experience ?
Why benefit from it ?  

The Blooming Sexualities workshop is an oppurtunity for educators and children to get a first introduction to the various games and activities contained in this project. Although it is sufficient to its purpose, and has been designed for any adult to navigate easily around the different activities and ages groups. 
The workshop offers an experience with teachers and students to get familiar with the world of sexual, emotional and relational education. 

Through one or various workshops, we customize the experience, hand in hand with the teachers, to best address the concerns and topics that would benefit each specific group. We work, acknowledging the number of students we have, the space, but more so, we adapt to the sensitivity of the children. Making sure we can address every topic that has been decided in the most appropriate way. We intend to create a safe environnement and exchange space where we can answer their questions, provide education and work towards getting rid of any unnecessary embarrassment.

During the workshops, we create the frame for the conversations to spark, but it is important to us that the children become the leaders of their workshop. We take great responsibility in being receptive to their concerns, feedbacks and questions, never disregarding their feelings.
We might question them, and challenge their beliefs, but mostly we make sure to create a space where they can freely debate with us but mostly with one an other, always through kindness, respect and tolerance. 

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