Hello !

My name is Taïs Holzhauer, I am a young french-american designer, that recently gratuated from Design Academy Eindhoven, in the Netherlands.
I grew up in Paris, France, where I  oriented myself towards design early on, while studying at École Boulle.

My pratice is oriented toward empathetic, communicative and educational practices, where play, interaction, storytelling act as pillars. My projects are born from the subjects I hold dear to my heart: the combats of minorities. Rooting my activism through my practice, I hope to contribute in making the world a better place by researching and designing for equality, social, racial, ecological justice.

I believe our path to creating a more empathetic world starts with children. I wish to dedicate my time and practice to discovering new ways of designing education and pedagogy. Hoping to empower and create better opportunities for all future generations.

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